What is the Black Rock Yearbook?

Every year at Burning Man, we set up a Yearbook camp and over 1200 people come by to get their photo taken.  This book is a collection of that effort.

2016 Black Rock Yearbook will be located on playa at 5:45 and A in center camp circle zone. 

Come by during daytime hours (mostly 11 – 5)  to our camp to get your Yearbook photo taken. No appointment necessary.

We have a limited amount of slots available to send a photographer to your camp to shoot your group photo.  More info here:

The 2015 Yearbook is here!

It took a little longer, but here it is!

DOWNLOAD PDF OF YEARBOOK HERE – 2015 Black Rock Yearbook (v2).pdf



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All years including 2015 are included in the search.
Some camp group photos may not be online yet:

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email: info@blackrockyearbook.com